Sleepy Bear Burp Cloth

Combining a printed fabric with an applique can sometimes be difficult for me.  Especially when I've purchase a fabric just because I love the print.  I mean I'm at the store and I have nothing specific that I'm looking for I just know that I want new fabric.  

Such was the case during a sale Joann's was running on their flannel fabric.  They run great sales like this often but when I have a little extra cash I'll go to the store and take full advantage.  After all, why buy something for full price if you know you can get it for half or less?

During one of my recent trips I came across this Celestial Sky print and I knew it would be great to use for my burp cloths so I picked up a little to play with.  Well it's been sitting in my fabric cabinet for about a month.....waiting.  And finally, the perfect applique came along.

I found this cute as can be Bear on the Moon applique over at Stinkin Cute Applique.  If you haven't checked out her designs yet you sure should.  Her store has only been open for a couple months so she's still growing but what she has to offer is pretty awesome.

And how about this beauty?  Doesn't that applique go perfectly with this fabric?  It's as if she knew just what I needed.  


Lena said...

Adorable! :-)