Harry Potter Craft Room

You've heard me talk about it, and you've seen sneak peeks.  Today I'm going to take you on a tour of my new craft room.  When I started the remodeling in this room it was still my son's bedroom.  But since he's in process of moving out I talked to him about wanting to start on the painting and he was okay with it.  In the room was a white accent wall that I thought would be perfect for transforming into a brick wall. 

After researching several techniques on how to do this my husband sat down with me one evening to help with the taping off for the 'grout' lines.  Once that was complete I used a Cello sponge and a can of brick red paint and began my faux brick painting.  After allowing the paint to cure for 24 hours I came back with another shade of red in the pallet and lightly sponged on each brick to add color/depth.  This same process was used to paint the wall on the outside of my room.
I recently purchased a china cabinet for next to nothing and turned it into my fabric cabinet.  Each fabric swatch is folded and wrapped around a comic book board and filed in the cabinet.  Because this cabinet would not fit into my craft room it sits on the wall in the hall just outside my room.
Last week I shared with you the owl lamp and Diagon Alley 'sign' that are just outside the doorway.  If you missed that post you can find it here.
As you enter the room you see the wall where I have my crafting tables set up.  To the right of the window I have hung the pictures I created using alcohol ink and vinyl.  The post on how I created these can be found here
To the left of the window is my wand holder.  I love the way that this turned out.   Especially because it was made in such a way that it can be added to.  This was a fun project to create and you can read that post here.
Turning to the next wall you see my sewing space.  To each side of my sewing table are a set of drawers on which I have used vinyl to create labels identifying what is inside.  Below the table is a garbage can I vinyl'd using a file I created from a picture I found doing a google search.  To the right of the table is my cage of Cornish pixies.  (Eventually I will fill in that dead space on the wall.  😀 )

On the next wall is my curio cabinet that holds my still growing collection of horcruxes and other collectibles.  On top of the cabinet is my potion bottle display.  This too is a work in progress as I will be adding other items to this display. 
The post for how I created the bottles and potion book can be found here and here.  Eventually I'll be adding another death eater mask to this wall. 
In the meantime though, I wanted to include a trail of spiders (Why can't it be follow the butterflies?) so I found a set of spiders in the Silhouette Design Store and used them to create my trail.  I cut the spiders from vinyl and adhered them to the wall and trim.  My Lumos Nox plate cover is one I created a while back after being inspired by others I found on FB.
On the last wall I have more of my storage drawers and shelves.  Here I was able to use a bit of space to display my Cornish pixies light, Savings Managed bank, and owl.  The owl is a bank that I found on clearance at Michael's.  It was solid white but I wanted to give it a bit more life and so I altered it. 
I used some gray paint and lightly edged under the 'feathers' and painted the beak.  Using vinyl I colored his eyes and gave him glasses.  The scarf was crocheted by my baby sister since her crochet skills are far better than mine.
And there you have it.  My new happy space!!


Scrapper69 said...

You honestly did an amazing job on your craft space... the brick wall is just too cool.... and the spider trail looks spooky neat! You really worked hard on it and it shows... I'm in awe of your nifty space! Have a great day! :)

Theresa’s Crafty Creations

Georgiana said...

Your craft room is fantastic. I didn't add a theme to mine when I did my make-over. I just wanted it to be bright and open. You have seome really cool decorations. Enjoy crafting in your space. Make some magic happen!