Gingerbread Minnie

Remember last week when I shared the Gingerbread Mickey towel I appliqued? (You can find that post here.)  Well, this week I decided to make his companion, Minnie.

She turned out every bit as cute as the Gingerbread Mickey and I was thrilled to have a complete set.  Until I remembered that I had reduced the size of Mickey because I initially thought about adding some verbiage on the towel with him.  So now I need to go back and recreate another towel with each of the appliques in the appropriate sizes so I can have actual sets that 'match'.

Appliques with Character has both Mickey and Minnie as a set here.  BUT, you can also purchase them separately and save money.  Don't ask me why, and it may just be a special she's running, I don't know.  Either way she has Gingerbread Mickey and Gingerbread Minnie currently in her dollar section.

So if you like embroider these are a great find for making some special Christmas gifts.


Scrapper69 said...

Oh sooo CA-UTE!! I LOVE seeing the neat Appliques you make on the solid towels.. they really make plain towels more fun, Cheery & Personable! :)

Theresa’s Crafty Creations

Camille Short said...

Gorgeous!! Love the images - they are darling. Beautiful job!