Happy Birthday Elmo

My granddaughter had her first birthday this past weekend.  She's a huge Elmo fan and so I, of course, had to make an Elmo birthday card for her.  Now I will be honest and admit that I almost forgot about her birthday card.  I was so busy helping with altering buckets and bins and signs that it wasn't until I got her present wrapped and I realized I had no card.

I quickly turned to one of my FB groups where so many of us share files, searching for anything Elmo.  However, I could not find what I needed.  So then I turned to Google.  Surely there had to be a coloring page that I could use.  One that would be easy enough to trace, cut and piece back together.

Time of course was also a precious commodity since all of this happened within a hour of our having to leave home.  You see, our daughter needed our help in decorating the pavilion before everyone arrived.  Something that I was more than happy to oblige.  After all it's our granddaughter's first birthday!!

As I searched through the images on Google there were several birthday pages, but I was afraid they would require more time than I had.  Instead I opted for a simple Elmo without all the birthday fan fare.  He traced, cut and pieced back together beautifully.

Fortunately I had a large enough scrap of this birthday paper to use for my background.  That helped to create the needed birthday theme.  Add in a couple of blinging hearts and my card is complete.

And the party was a success.  🎉


Georgiana said...

Gotta' love Elmo! Looks awesome.

Scrapper69 said...

So CUTE and done in the nick of time! LOL I'm sure with all you did for your sweet grand Daughter... she probably would have been okay without the card! But I probably would have done the same as you and tried my best to get something done quickly... I think Elmo is adorable and that background is the perfect setting for him! :) Glad the party was a Success!!!

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