I Got Your Nose

My husband I are planning another trip to Universal Studios later this year.   It's been a while since we've have a vacation - just the two of us and so we thought it'd be fun to take one and celebrate our 15 year anniversary.  So in 'preparation' we've been binge watching all the Harry Potter movies the past week. 
In addition we've also watched some of the behind the scenes snippits.  One of the ones we watched the other night was how they came to create the look for the Voldemort character.  And what perfect timing to have watched that too because just a day or two later I saw this hilarious file in one of my Harry Potter groups.  Well of course I had to have it so I could use it on a shirt for the grandbaby.
Needless to say, my daughter is afraid that I'm trying to turn the baby into a 'nerd'.  But hey, cute is cute and this is down right cute.
Now I just need to decide if I want to use this on one of the shirts I'm going to make for our trip to Universal.  Decisions.  Decisions.


Scrapper69 said...

LOL! I think it's adorable - And nothin' wrong with turning your sweet grandbaby into a nerd! Nerds are usually way smarter than the rest.. I think that's a good thing! LOL :)

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