Work Shirts

My daughter's boyfriend recently accepted a position with a new company.  After a couple weeks of working with them he had my daughter ask if I could make him some work shirts with their company logo.  Well that sounded like another challenge to me so of course I couldn't refuse.
I told them to get me the logo and shirts and I'd do the rest.  My daughter sent me a picture from her phone but it wasn't large or clear enough for a trace so I went on the internet in search of a better picture.  After find the logo I dropped it into my Silhouette Studio software and was able to get a good trace on it.
I then cut them out of my HTV and heat pressed them onto the shirts and viola, the shirts are complete. 
My daughter was telling me that the first day he wore his shirt his co-worker was telling him that the other guys were going to be jealous because theirs were all plain.  Guess I'll take that as kudos for a job well done. 


Scrapper69 said...

Good Job MOM!!! That is awesome of you to make them - you know... they're ALL gonna probably want you to put the logo's on their shirts now! LOL I hear $$$$$$ Good for you if that does happen! :) Have a great long weekend! :) HUGS!

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