Star Wars Wall Art

I decided to add another piece to my alcohol ink wall art collection.  Back around Valentine's Day I saw this fun Star Wars Valentine themed file over at Cuttable Designs.  At that time I wasn't sure what I'd do with it but I knew I wanted to use it for some crafty project.  Then after trying the alcohol inks for the first time I knew what I was going to do.
Since sharing the Harry Potter wall art I made last week I've received a lot of questions on FB about how I did it so I thought I'd break down the process here as well.
The first thing to do is to clean the glass with Windex and allow it to dry thoroughly before beginning the ink application.
I don't know if there's another brand out there or not but I used Tim Holtz alcohol ink for my project.  They're acid free, easy to apply and when applying to glass if you don't like the outcome you can wipe the glass clean with rubbing alcohol and start all over. 
I applied a couple drops of Sunshine Yellow to my ink applicator and began dabbing and across the glass in different directions.  I then applied a couple drops of blending solution and then a couple drops of Sunset Orange to the applicator and began the same process dabbing over the yellow as well as covering some of the 'missed' areas.  I carried this color scheme down about two thirds of the glass.
I then changed my felt pad and continued this process using the color Purple Twilight.  (These three colors come together in one pack - called Summit View.)  After looking at the glass from the opposite side I decided that I wanted a bit of blue in the mix so I changed my felt pad back to the first one I had used, added a couple drops of blending solution and then a couple drops of the color Stream.  (This color, my blending tool, solution and pads came together in the ink kit.)
After I finished with my ink applications I allowed the glass to air dry over night.  The ink dries pretty quick but since I was backing mine with paper I wanted to allow it plenty of time to cure.
The next morning I inserted a sheet of white cardstock between the side of the glass to which the inks were applied and the frame insert.  Then on the opposite side of the glass I applied the vinyl.
Now I have a fun piece of fan art to add to my wall.


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That background looks AMAZING! LOVE the mixture of colors....