Cloudy with Dragons

I wanted to try my hand at making something new this weekend.  Something that would also help rejuvenate my lost love for sewing.  You see it's been an off and on love - hate relationship.  I'm just simply not that great at it.  As a child my mother used to sew everything.  Then in 8th grade I took home ec and somewhere in my high school years I was gifted with my first sewing machine.  But then I got married, started having kids and cast my sewing aside.  Heck with six blessings I cast any crafting I did aside - for a while.
As the kids started to grow my desire to get back to my crafting grew and one year my husband surprised me with a Baby lock sewing machine.  Unbeknownst to me, my mother was upgrading her machine and instead of selling or trading in the one she had she sold it to my husband.  I still have that machine - for now.  It's been giving me fits off and on and right now it's sitting in the local repair shop so I imagine it's not too long before I'll have to replace it.
Before it died on me though I was just able to complete this project.  My first ever baby burp cloth.  I didn't want to use Gerber diapers as my base for the cloth and so I went out in search of a pattern so I could sew my own.  That's when I found this pattern from Simplicity sitting in the pattern drawer at Hobby Lobby. 
For my fabrics, I settled on using flannel and then using a soft batting in between to help give it some thickness and absorbency.  I found both of these at Hobby Lobby as well.  The fabric is a cloud print and the batting is a cotton batting.
Of course this fabric required just the right applique to be sewn on it.  When I saw this adorable dragon from Stinkin Cute Applique I knew it would be perfect.  The applique was easy to stitch and I think the end result is beautiful.  I'm just thrilled that my machine held out long enough to get this one finished.