Belle Burp Cloths

We are half way there everyone.  After today it's a downhill slide to the weekend.  Until then I'm going to continue with my princess theme for this week.  But today I thought I would change it up a little bit and move from greeting cards to burp cloths.  Remember yesterday when I shared my new baby congratulations card I said that baby girls are our princesses?  Well why not have a princess themed burp cloth or two?
When I was shopping for some new flannel fabrics at Joann's a couple weeks ago I came across this gorgeous Beauty and the Beast flannel.  Of course I had to have some and so I bought a couple yards to play with.
I thought it would be fun to play with both a sketch and an applique for these.  After searching through the files at Thanks 4 the Adventure I settled on the Little Belle applique, and the Princess Belle sketch.
If you've never embroidered a "sketch" design you really should check out the ones that Thanks 4 the Adventure has to offer.  They are so quick and easy, and the possibilities are endless.  So pick out a design or two and give it a'll thank me later.  😉