Got Your Nose Tee

Back in February I made my first one of these t-shirts and posted it on my blog here.  When my husband saw how the shirt turned out he was adamant that that was the shirt he wanted me to make him for our upcoming trip to Universal Studios.  We've been going every year for the past four years but this year will be special because it will be just the two of us.  That and it'll be a late anniversary celebration for us as well.
The design is one that was shared in one of my Harry Potter Facebook groups.  I've had several people ask if I could share the file with them, and since I am not the creator of the file I am unable to do so.  If you message me though I'll be happy to share the name of the group with you.
At first I was worried about applying HTV to the shirt my husband chose because it's a polyester blend and everything I've done has been a cotton blend.  I was honestly scared it would melt or something being pressed under all that heat.  But it pressed beautifully.

Because this is a polyester fabric that has some stretch to it I decided to use EasyWeed Stretch vinyl for the design.  I didn't want to take the chance at using regular vinyl and then having the design crack and get icky.  I will say that for me, personally, the stretch vinyl was harder to work with.  I had more issues trying to weed this vinyl than I have had with any other I've used.  I even had a couple of spots where the weeding got messed up and I had to make some quick modifications to correct it.  Fortunately everything turned out okay in the end, and when I showed the shirt to my hubby he couldn't see where any mistakes were made.  Whew!


Scrapper69 said...

I think it's a great shirt! Glad you didn't have any problems pressing it... You guys will have so much fun! :)

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