Mermaid Beach Cover

I found this cute beach cover up while we were at one of our local indoor flea malls recently.  Well, actually my hubby found it.  The tag said it was for an 18 month toddler and even though Ocean was only 8 months at the time we still picked it up.  At the time I wasn't sure what I'd do with it but I knew that I was going to do something to jazz it up.
After letting it sit for a couple of weeks while I pondered what to do with it I finally decided on a mermaid theme.  Perfect timing too since Thanks 4 the Adventure was running a surprise sale for a short time this past week.  I picked up a lot of new files, including the ones I would use on Ocean's cover-up.
On the front of the cover-up I decided to use the Flounder sketch.  And across the back I used this cute quote and sketch combo titled Dinglehopper Hair.
When my daughter saw it she fell in love, but she did ask what a dinglehopper was.  So I reminder her and told her she should sit down and re-watch the movie.  Of course as I think about it - it might not be a bad idea to start buying those movies so that we can have them at our house.  Next thing we know Ocean will be old enough to enjoy them.
Oh, and as you can see that 18 month size tag in the garment had to be off base.  Look at how perfectly that cover-up fits on a 9 month old.  Talk about luck.  LOL


Georgiana said...

Mermaid theme is perfect! Looks great!

Scrapper69 said...

OMHECK! This is just way cute!! It's one of my Favorite projects from you.. ADORABLE!

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