Dinosaur River Layout

As we get ready to embark on our weekend I wanted to share a quick layout  put together.  A while back I created a dinosaur layout that was "on land" - today I want to share one that is "on water". 
When we were at Universal Studios we loved the rides at the Jurassic Park section and everyone agreed we had to ride on the River Adventure.  Of course I'm not one for heights so that drop at the end got me.  So anyhow, I am going to take the pictures from that section of the park and use them on this layout.
For this layout  used the Cricut Cartridge Dinosaur Tracks.


Tina H said...

How cute! This is a wonderful layout. I do like that water ride. The T-rex at the end is a huge distraction for the final fall, lol! Your pics are going to look great on these pages :)