A Boy and His Owl Burp Cloth

It's been a few days since I've sat down to make a burp cloth and so I thought I'd share one of the new ones I just made with you. 
I found this great chevron print flannel over at Joann's and had an inkling that it would make a great backdrop for some burp cloths.  Not really knowing what I'd stitch on them I decided to pick up  a couple yards.  During this same trip to Joann's I decided to really stock up on some flannel since I don't get by there often.  By the time I was done shopping I literally had a cart full of fabric bolts.  You see, I'm addicted to fabric much like I am to my scrapbook paper. 
After arriving home with my new fabrics, I quickly set about getting them washed and dried so I could begin cutting what I'd need for the next round of burp cloths.  While waiting for them to launder I sat down to find the files I wanted to use for embroidery. 
It didn't take long to decide to stitch this wonderful Harry Potter and Hedwig sketch I found at Thanks 4 the Adventure.  I love the way that this sketch stitched out against the chevron fabric.
And there you have it, another burp cloth to add to my collection. 


Scrapper69 said...

I saw this on FB and just LOVED it! Very cool bib.. I tell ya... some newbie parents will buy these cuties right up! ADORABLE! Have a great day!

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