Pulp Fiction Wall Art

My husband loves the movie Pulp Fiction.  So, when I saw this file Pulp Fiction file over at Cuttable Designs I knew that I had create something with it.  Now hubby is not the type to wear something like this on a shirt so it would have to be something different.  Something he could display.  Since he has his own game room I thought I'd create a piece of wall art for him.
He recently went through a bunch of boxes he's had in storage and one was full of nothing but different award certificates he had framed.  Given that he's not been with that company for almost 10 years he decided it was time to take them out of the frames.  And when he did I snatched a couple of them to "recycle".
After cleaning the glass and allowing it to dry I grab my bottles of Purple Twilight and Stream colored alcohol inks.  I applied a couple drops of Purple Twilight to the applicator felt and began stamping across the glass.  I then applied a couple drops of blending solution followed by the Stream color and started stamping across the glass in the opposite direction.  As I did this I ensured that I filled in any spots missed while stamping the purple.  Then I decided to gentle smear the colors together on one side of the glass to add more textural look.  Once satisfied with the ink coverage I allowed it to dry overnight.
Once the ink was cured, I added a sheet of white paper behind the side that was inked and closed the frame.  Then, on the outside of the glass I applied the vinyl design.
And now, my hubby has a cool and unique piece of art to hang in his room.


Scrapper69 said...

This is so COOL! I really like that background you created.. it loks amazing!

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