Giraffe Heart

This past Sunday I sat down at my embroidery and sewing machines for several hours working on building my stash of baby burp cloths.  Out of the few things that I have embroidered I have found that I enjoy making the burp cloths more than anything.  And I guess that's a good thing because they sure do take a while to make.
From cutting the fabric, to embroidering the design, and finishing the cloth by sewing it all together takes about one and a half hours.  And that includes working on cutting or sewing together others while the current one is being embroidered.  🙂
A couple days ago I shared with you what pattern and batting I like to use for making these cloths, and you can find that post here.  For this burp cloth I found this great nursery print baby flannel at Joann's.  When I purchased this fabric I purchased two yards and boy am I glad that I did because I discovered this past weekend that one yard will yield three cuts.  That means I can make one cloth using the same fabric for the front and back but the second cloth will need to be backed with a solid fabric.  Now in the grand scheme of things that's not a problem and will actually provide more variety - it's just not what I had originally envisioned.
The applique for this burp cloth is from the Applique Corner and it is called Giraffe Heart.  (Imagine that - lol)  I bought this design for Valentine's Day but never really found anything to make with it.  But I thought this design would be perfect for a baby girl burp cloth.  And I really love how the yellow and pink pop against that grey flannel background.  I was a little afraid of the design getting lost but it turned out beautifully.