Rainy Day Duck

Today I have another burp cloth that I'd like to share with you.  This one features a cute little duck in her rainy day outfit complete with umbrella.  She's another great applique design from Stinkin Cute Applique titled Rainy Day Duck.
This was a fun and easy file to work with and I love how it stitched out.
If you've just recently found my blog and this is the first post you've read and are wondering how I made my burp cloth (that's right - it's not a pre-purchase burp cloth) let me share that with you.
Before I began my burp cloth adventure I thought about using the Gerber brand diapers.  After all so many are made that way.  But then I decided that I didn't want to be like the "so many others" and decided that I would make my own cloths from start to finish.  So off I went in search of a pattern until I found this one from Simplicity sitting in the pattern drawer at Hobby Lobby. 
For my fabrics, I settled on using flannel and then using a soft batting in between to help give it some thickness and absorbency.  I found my batting at Hobby Lobby, it's a cotton batting and it lays out very well with the flannel.
 For this burp cloth I found this great nursery print baby flannel at Joann's.  Both Hobby Lobby and Joann's has some great choices for flannel and I will be building up my stash from both.  Especially as I find new designs to play with.